King Edward and Queen Alexandra when they are Prince and Princess of Wales

Princess Máxima of the Netherlands (now Queen Máxima) goofing around with her mother-in-law, the then Queen Beatrix in Lech in 2013.

30 April 2013
21 July 2013
19 June 2014

Grand Duchess Olga Nikolaevna.


Archduchess Marie Valerie of Austria with fiance, Archduke Franz Salvator of Austria-Tuscany. 1890


Kaiserin Augusta Viktoria of Prussia in costume. 1890s.


The Russian Imperial family. Nicholas II, his wife Alexandra Feodorovna and their five children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei.

Colorized by: National Geographic ChannelApocalypse World War I.

I know that I speak for many in the Netherlands and in the Caribbean parts of our Kingdom when I say: thank you for all the wonderful years in which you served as our Queen.

– Princess Beatrix moved to tears after hearing her son, King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands, pay tribute to her at his investiture on 30 April 2013 in Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam.


On this day, 25th September, 1506: Death of Philip I ‘the Handsome’ of Castile - sending Juana loca!

Not quite seeing the handsome here…!