nastasia, the youngest daughter, destined to become the most famous of the children of Nicholas II, was a short, dumpy, blue-eyed child renowned in her family chiefly as a wag. When the saluting cannon on the Imperial yacht fired at sunset, Anastasia liked to retreat into a corner, stick her fingers into her ears, widen her eyes and loll her tongue in mock terror. Witty and vivacious, Anastasia also had a streak of stubbornness, mischief and impertinence. The same gift of ear and tongue that made her quickest to pick up a perfect accent in foreign languages also equipped her admirably as a mimic. Comically, sometimes cuttingly, the little girl aped precisely the speech and mannerisms of those about her. Anastasia, the L’Enfant terrible, was also a tomboy. She climbed trees to dizzying heights, refusing to come down until specifically commanded by her father.

Robert K. Massie, Nicholas & Alexandra


"Marie, the third daughter, was the prettiest of the four. She had red cheeks, thick, light brown hair and dark blue eyes so large that they were known in the family as ‘Marie’s saucers.’ As a small child, she was chubby and glowing with health. In adolescence, she was merry and flirtatious. Marie liked to paint, but she was too lazy and gay to apply herself seriously. What Marie, whom everyone called ‘Mashka,’ liked most was to talk about marriage and children. More than one observer has noted that, had she not been the daughter of the Tsar, this strong, warmhearted girl would have made some man an excellent wife.

Robert K. Massie, Nicholas & Alexandra


The famous ornate Amber Room of the Catherine Palace at Tsarskoe Selo, near the city of Saint Petersburg, Russia.

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25 Photographs of The Romanovs in the Summertime {6/25}
Princess Kyra Kyrilovna of Russia


Olga Nikolayevna A L P H A B E T ♥ R is for Reading

"Olga…read widely, book fiction and poetry, often borrowing books from her mother’s tables before the Empress  had read them. ‘You must wait Mama, until I found out whether this book is a proper one for you to read,’ she parried when Alexandra spotted her reading a missing book."

Nicholas and Alexandra by Robert Massie


Get to Known me Meme, Royalist Edition

[5/7] Royal Pairings - Nicholas II and Alix of Hesse

Never did I believe there could be such utter happiness in the world-such a feeling of unity between two mortal beings. No more separations. At last united, bound for life, and when this life is ended we meet again in the other world and remain together for Eternity.

Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna.

Last Grand Duchess born in purple - Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia posing for a formal portrait, 1914

The Romanov Family during their visit to their Romanian cousins in 1914.