Sisi wearing a shallow bustle and jewels - Hermann Nigg, 1882.

Franz Krüger - Portrait of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, née Princess Charlotte of Prussia (1798-1860), wife of Emperor Nicholas I. 1836


Official portrait of Princess Juliana of the Netherlands (with autograph), 1930s.



Marie Leczinska, queen of Louis XV, on horseback by Jean-Baptiste Martin (1725)

Marie Antoinette, queen of Louis XVI, on horseback by Louis-Auguste Brun (1783)


A gorgeous portrait of Queen Wilhelmina of Netherlands.


Queen Victoria and Albert, Prince of Wales, later Edward VII.


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Princess Anne (1665 - 1714) Daughter of James II (later Queen Anne)

By Godfrey Kneller


Only one portrait has been commissioned in this, Her Majesties Diamond Jubilee year and it is this one. By Australian born artist Ralph Heimans.

He chose Westminster Abbey as the setting for this stunning and emotionally powerful portrait. 

The portrait took Mr Heimans over six months of painstaking work. He conjured Westminster’s gilded architecture and every inch of Medieval tiling.

While he painted he listened to lectures on the Kings and Queens of England.

The portrait will hang in the National Portrait Gallery until April next year.

“Every monarch for 900 years has been crowned on that very spot,” he said.

“That in itself has a magical power, which I felt would enhance the quality of the painting.”

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