The Princess of Wales with a camera in her home land, Denmark. 



HRH The Princess Louise, Princess Royal (Duchess of Fife)

The Duke and Duchess of Kent.

Trooping the colour 1936 Celebrating the 42nd birthday of King Edward VIII/2012 celebrating the 86th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Victoria of Wales with her cousin Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna.

History meme » seven pairings - Henry VII & Elizabeth of York [5/7]


The Queen stole the show. Her coronation came after Bertie’s, and was performed by the Archbishop of York. She was crowned kneeling before the altar, beneath a canopy supported by four tall duchesses, among them Consuelo Malborough and Milicent, Duchess of Sutherland ( who was Daisy Warwick’s sister). Alix had requested that the archbishop anoint her forehead rather than her hair, which was a wig; being devout and superstitious, she beieved that holy oil must actually touch her body. As Consuelo watched the archbishop anoint the Queen with trembling hands, she saw a trickle of oil run down the royal nose. The moment Alix was crowned was the signal for the 400 peeresses sitting together to put on their croronets. This for Bertie was the most impressive part of the ceremony. The peeresses had insisted on wearing their tiaras, contrary to tradition, and in order to add their coronets they had to arch their gloved arms highabove their heads in an almost balletic scene.

As Alix returned from the altar, wearing her newly commissioned crown set with the Koh-i-noor diamond, and carrying her sceptre and ivory rod, she dropped a low bow when she passed the King. She was fifty-six, heavily made up, allegedly bald and almost stone deaf, but

she seemed like a queen from a fairy tale.


August 9, 1902 – Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra

‘  I would have liked it 20 years ago, ‘

A proclomation issued in june 1901 announced that the Coronation would take place on 26 june 1902. As the date approached, Bertie was more than ever swamped in work. His belly was grotesquely extended and acutely painful. Laking suspected appendicitis, but Bertie refused an operation, cancelling the Coronation was unthinkable ’ The Coronation cannot be postponed. I won’t hear ot if. I cannot and will not disappoint the poeple… I will go to the Abbey on Thursday if I die there.’. Laking replied ’ If Your Majesty did go on Thursday to the Abbey in all human probability you would die there.’ News that the Coronation was indefinitely postponed was announced on Tuesday, Bertie was operated, the probelm was an abscess.

The King and Queen drove in the state cach from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey at eleven a.m.on the 9 August. Alix for once was punctual. The six weeks’ breathing space had given the Earl Marshal, the Duke of Norfolk, time to drill his courtiers and pages, and the processions, which would have been a shambles in June, were perfectly choreographed in August. The King’s procession followed, bearing royal regalia, the sceptre, orb and crown, and at last came the King. ’ Viva Rex Edwardus ! ' shouted the boys, too early, so that they had to shout it twice. As Bertie walked briskly up to nave - so fast that he had to be told several times to slow down - people noticed a strange hush and extraordinary stillness come over the abbey. Consuelo, Duchess of Malborough, felt a lump in her throat and 'realised I was more British than I knew.' When Bertie took the oath, a deep silence descended, and 'many ladies began to cry.'

 When Georgie paid hommage, Bertie pulled his son back by his robe as he turned, and kissed him twice in a gesture of touching emotion.           Bertie A Life of Edward VII


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 Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales, at the coronation of her father-in-law King Edward VII, 9 August 1902.