The Girls of Great Britain & Ireland Tiara 

Info: A wedding gift for Princess May of Teck (later Queen Mary) from the “Girls of Great Britain & Ireland”, it could also be worn as a necklace. Queen Mary removed the base to use as a bandeau and the pearls finials and replaced them with diamonds. She gave the tiara to then Princess Elizabeth for her wedding day in 1947. 
Stone(s): Diamond 
Metal: Silver 
Source: The Royal Collection 


Happy 10th birthday to The Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor, 8th November 2003

My life really changed a few days ago and my life is now not run by one woman but two women.”  The Earl of Wessex on the birth of his first child, 2003 


Miniature paintings of Prince Albert created by Gugliemo Faija for Queen Victoria



HISTORY MEME I : 3/6 Women - Princess Charlotte Augusta of Wales (1796-1817)

"Hail Princess Charlotte, Europe’s Hope and Britain’s Glory"

"The impression one gets from all the early recorded stories of Charlotte is of a happy recklessness and a warm heart.  …her affectionate welcome shows that already the people thought of her as their future Queen.” - Thea Holme


Queen Elizabeth II hosts a state dinner for South Korea’s President Park Geun-hye


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