The Princess of Wales on the day, when they announced her pregnancy with William, 5 November 1981


Princesses Maud (Queen Maud of Norway) and Victoria of Wales, two of the beautiful daughters of the Prince and Princess of Wales (King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom). 


Queen Marie of Romania and youngest sister, Princess Beatrice, duchess of Galliera. Early 1920s,


Mary the Princess Royal


Dowager tsarina Maria Fyodorovna with sister, Dowager Queen Alexandra of Great Britain and Queen Mary. Late 1910s


Queen Mary, Edward VIII, and George VI. 1896. [Source]

"May, Edward and Baby"


"After luncheon I received Queen Emma, the widowed Queen of the Sandwich Islands or Hawaii. Met her in the Corridor & nothing could be nicer or more dignified than her manner. She is dark, but not more so than an Indian, with fine feathers [features?] & splendid soft eyes. She was dressed in just the same widow’s weeds as I wear. I took her into the White Drawing room, where I asked to sit down next to me on the sofa. She was moved when I spoke to her of her great misfortune in losing her only child. She was very discreet & would only remain a few minutes. She presented her lady, Mrs. Hoopile whose husband is her Chaplain, both being Hawaiians…."

The Journal of Queen Victoria, September 9, 1865

The Princess Royal is traditionally the eldest daughter of a British Monarch. The title is held for life, so the eldest daughter of the next British Monarch can´t receive it until the former dies. It´s also not an automatically title, the Monarch has to grant it. The wife of King Charles I, Henriette Maria, established this, modelled after the French tradition of “Madame Royale”, a title for the eldest daughter of the French Monarch.

A list of all Princesses Royal

Princess Mary (1631–1660), Princess of Orange. Princess Anne (1709–1759), Princess of Orange. Princess Charlotte (1766–1828), Queen of Württemberg. Princess Victoria (1840–1901), German Empress and Queen of Prussia. Princess Louise (1867–1931), Duchess of Fife. Princess Mary (1897–1965), Countess of Harewood. And the current one Princess Anne (*1950).