Queen Mary in her emerald Delhi Durbar parure


The children of George V and Queen Mary of the United Kingdom: 

Back: Prince Albert (future George VI), Prince Henry (future Duke of Gloucester) and the Prince of Wales (future Edward VIII).

Front: Prince John, Princess Mary (later, Princess Royal) and Prince George (future Duke of Kent) 

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Queen Victoria


Queen Victoria

b. May 24, 1819, d. Jan 22, 1901


22 January 1901 Queen Victoria died at the age of 81 

"That evening [21 january 1901] for the first time, Bertie sat by his mother’s bedside. She had been lifted from the grand mahogany marital bed and lay in a small bed in centre of the room, a tiny, huddled figure. After he had left, the semiconscious Queen took Reid’s hand and kissed it repeatedly. Mrs Tuck, the Queen’s dresser, more alert or more sensitive to Victoria’s needs, asked her if it was the Prince of Wales she wanted. "Yes" said the Queen.
Bertie returned to her bedside, and she said "Kiss my face". Then she put out her arms and said "Bertie", whereupon " he embraces her and broke down completely."
Next morning the Queen was unconscious and clearly dying. The family was summoned to her bedside. Beatrice, Helena and Louise told the blind Queen the names of the people in the room. The only name they omitted to mention was that of the kaiser, who was standing at her bedside. […] In the afternoon, the family was summoned once more. Bertie sat at one side of the bed, behind Reid, who knelt supporting the Queen in a semi-upright position on her pillows. The kaiser knelt opposite supporting her with his good arm. “At 6.30 she breathes her last,” wrote Bertie in his diary. That was all. Not even a hint of the turmoil this intensely emotional man felt at the death of the most powerful woman in his life.” Bertie A Life of Edward VII by Jane Ridley


The photographer Queen. 90s.


"Our Queen" ITV documentary: objects (pt. I)

Happy 6 month birthday, George! (b. 22/07/13)


Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark, arriving at Victoria Station shortly before her marriage to Prince George, Duke of Kent -1934.