Anon asked: Princess Charlene or Princess Grace


Pierre promotes “Mouse Trap Car Grand Prix of Monaco“ in a high school in Bologna 

Mouse Trap Cars Monaco Grand Prix is a competition launched by Marco Casiraghi, Pierre’s uncle in Italian and Monegasque schools that aims to promote the passion for science, engineering and automobiles among the newest. (x)

Grimaldi family as children

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A favorite.



Charlotte and Gad strolling Raphael around Paris recently (x)

Aww, the way she looks at him


Princess Alexandra of Hanover competed in the 2014 Monaco Skating Championship (held on March 8) where she won 1st place

In attendance to show support was her mother, Princess Caroline, who later awarded the winners. The man to the left of Princess Caroline in the second picture could be Alexandra’s older half-brother, Prince Christian of Hanover.

I am so happy for her! I really hope she keeps on skating :)

Grace and Rainier