Empress Elisabeth “Sissi” of Austria, in color.

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Dress belonging to Empress Elisabeth of Austria from her wardrobe in Corfu.

In September the Residenz Verlag will release the diary of Countess Marie Festetics, the lady-in-waiting of Empress Elisabeth! 

Empress Elisabeth, by F.X. Winterhalter, 1864


I don’t know if you have seen this one, but it is pretty rare and I thought you would like to see if you haven’t seen :)

milena, where did you find this? this is amazing and i really hope it’s not edited.

A few pictures I took in Kaiserin Elisabeth Museum in Possenhofen.

Empress Elisabeth, 1854

Empress Elisabeth, 1854


Bodice worn by Empress Elisabeth of Austria when she was assassinated by Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni on the shores of Lake Geneva, September 10, 1898. Diana Vreeland points to the tear where the sharpened file pierced Elisabeth’s heart. 

I’m not sure where it’s currently held but I assume it’s at the Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien

Elisabeth of Austria (1837 - 1898)