Bodice worn by Empress Elisabeth of Austria when she was assassinated by Italian anarchist Luigi Lucheni on the shores of Lake Geneva, September 10, 1898. Diana Vreeland points to the tear where the sharpened file pierced Elisabeth’s heart. 

I’m not sure where it’s currently held but I assume it’s at the Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien

Elisabeth of Austria (1837 - 1898)


Lorde means so much to me


♔ Get To Know Me ♔ royalist version ~ Monarchs {2/?}

At twenty-two, Franz Joseph, the handsome young Emperor of Austria, was still unmarried. His mother invited his three young cousins, Princesses of Bavaria, to the Villa Eltz, hoping the Emperor would become enamored of Helen, the oldest sister. But from the day they arrived, it was obvious that fifteen-year-old Elizabeth had immediately won Franz Joseph’s heart. At the ball given in the princesses’ honor, the Emperor spent every moment he wasn’t dancing with Elizabeth looking at her. The following morning, a disappointed mother listened to her son’s avowal of love for the incredibly beautiful Elizabeth. Franz Joseph was madly in love and determined to marry his little cousin. And how did she respond to his feelings? Of course, it was all wonderful, she agreed, but if only he weren’t an emperor. It was almost as if Elizabeth could see beyond the blossoming romance to future tragedy.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria (detail) by Franz Xavier Winterhalter, 1865. This painting was the inspiration for Christine’s “Think of Me” costume in The Phantom of the Opera.

Empress Elisabeth and her dog Shadow


Empress Elizabeth of Austria


Close up Kaiserin Elisabeth of Austria., 1860s


Kaiserin Elisabeth von Österreich, Konigin von Ungarn

(Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of Hungary)