Close up Kaiserin Elisabeth of Austria., 1860s


Kaiserin Elisabeth von Österreich, Konigin von Ungarn

(Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Queen of Hungary)

"Presented to Queen Victoria by the Emperor Francis Joseph at Christmas, 1874" [x]

This is a copy by Minnigerode of the portrait of the Empress by Winterhalter dated 1864 which is now in the Hofburg in Vienna. Queen Victoria requested a copy of a portrait of the Empress by Winterhalter ‘as a record of the lovely Empresses visit. None of her Photographs do her justice or give a real idea of her’. The Empress Elizabeth was the daughter of Maximilian, Duke of Bavaria. She married the Emperor Francis Joseph in 1854. That year Queen Victoria wrote to the King of the Belgians that ‘Everybody says the young Empress Elizabeth is charming & the Emperor violently in love’. In 1862 Queen Victoria’s eldest daughter met the Empress in Vienna and wrote: ‘her beauty though not regular is surpassing – I never saw anything so dazzling or piquant. Her features are not so good as they are represented on most of her pictures – but the ensemble is far more lovely than any reproduction can convey an idea of … most extraordinary quantity of chestnut hair I ever saw, perfect loads of it’.


Kaiserin Elisabeth of Austria. Early 1860s.


Empress Elisabeth of Austria and her family Spam [19/50]


Portrait of Elisabeth, duchess in Bayern, holding a miniature of her fiance, Kaiser Franz Josef of Austria. 1855



Me as Empress Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie of Austria-Hungary in her hungarian coronation gown. You can’t see much of the dress, but I love that picture.

JESUS, this is incredible. You are amazing!!