Princess Isabella becomes one of the golden girls with traditional royal bracelet.

She’s still only small, but Isabella of Denmark already has a jewellery collection fit for a princess.

When she turned five back in April, one of the packages waiting for her as she bounded out of bed contained a precious gold bracelet. Danish royal tradition states that all of the ladies in the family receive the glittering gift on their fifth birthday.

It’s only recently that the delicate piece has been seen gracing the youngster’s wrist – most notably when she and brother Christian were enjoying the London Olympics with their parents, Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Mary.

The custom dates back to the days of Isabella’s great-grandmother Queen Ingrid – who had the same surprise waiting for her on her fifth birthday in 1915. Sadly, Ingrid’s mother died when she was only 10, and she vowed to continue the bracelet’s legacy through the generations. -

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