On 6 July 1893 Princess Mary of Teck married Prince George, Duke of York, at the Chapel Royal, St James’s Palace, in London.

The bride’s wedding dress and train were made of ivory silk satin woven in the East London (Spitalfields) silk mills. The bodice was brocaded in ivory and silver thread. Both bodice and skirt were trimmed with Honiton lace and orange blossom. The lace veil and some of the other lace had been worn by the bride’s mother at her own wedding in 1866. The train had a design of roses, shamrocks and thistles in silver on a white ground. She wore The Surrey Fringe Tiara it was a wedding gift by the County of Surrey. The bridal veil was later passed down to May’s daughter, Princess Mary, on her wedding-day to Viscount Lascelles in 1922.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Benson, performed the ceremony, and was assisted by the Bishop of London and the Bishop of Rochester. Among those who attended were Tsar Nicholas II, the King and Queen of Denmark, the Grand Duke of Hesse, Prince and Princess Henry of Prussia, and the rest of George and May’s very large extended family. After a wedding breakfast at Buckingham Palace, May changed into her going-away dress of white Irish poplin, and the Royal couple went to spend their honeymoon at York Cottage on the Sandringham estate.

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