nastasia, the youngest daughter, destined to become the most famous of the children of Nicholas II, was a short, dumpy, blue-eyed child renowned in her family chiefly as a wag. When the saluting cannon on the Imperial yacht fired at sunset, Anastasia liked to retreat into a corner, stick her fingers into her ears, widen her eyes and loll her tongue in mock terror. Witty and vivacious, Anastasia also had a streak of stubbornness, mischief and impertinence. The same gift of ear and tongue that made her quickest to pick up a perfect accent in foreign languages also equipped her admirably as a mimic. Comically, sometimes cuttingly, the little girl aped precisely the speech and mannerisms of those about her. Anastasia, the L’Enfant terrible, was also a tomboy. She climbed trees to dizzying heights, refusing to come down until specifically commanded by her father.

Robert K. Massie, Nicholas & Alexandra


Castle Hohenzollern, Germany (by Aerial Photography)


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Demeter was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea, and sister of Hestia, Hera, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus. By her brother Zeus, Demeter became the mother of Persephone. Demeter was the goddess of the earth, and more especially of the earth as producing fruit, and consequently of agriculture, whence human food or bread is called by Homer the gift of Demeter.

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Ice dancers may break my heart, but they usually don’t break their limbs —me when discussing my preference for ice skating over gymnastics (via meandmyhalf)


Female breast ornament, Georgians - Pshavy, Tiflis province, late 19th / early 20th century


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